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7 Days Nick

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What Makes A Great Bedsheet

What Makes A Great Bedsheet


There are a lot of choices when it comes to bed sheets. There are different materials used. There are different finishes. There are different thread counts, different prices, different stitches, different weaves, etc. There is a bunch of jargon involved in describing sheets. This can lead to a lot of headaches as we try to buy a bedsheet: what actually makes a bedsheet good?

When we started Slumber, this was a major problem we needed to address. So, what is a good bedsheet? Something that is comfortable, after all you’re usually looking for rest when you get in bed. Something that is durable – no one wants bedsheets that fray and rip in 2 months. Something that is constant – you don’t want the feel to dramatically change after every wash. These were the basics, so we started crafting out sheets out of those.


  1. Comfort – Use the Best Cotton
    Here’s number one – the bedsheets need to be comfortable. They need to make the user comfy and happy. How can we do that? Material, material, and surprise, surprise material.
    Bedsheets can be made with synthetic materials like polyester or microfiber, or natural materials like a variety of cottons or even bamboo.
    Cotton seemed to be the best match, but there was a huge variety of cotton to choose from. We decided to use only the best – extra-long staple (ELS) Egyptian cotton. It is incredibly soft and comfortable while also strong enough to survive washes and normal wear and tear.
  2. Durability & Consistency – It has to last and has to feel good too
    We tested our various combinations of our fabric build to ensure durability. We put our fabric through multiple wash tests – 3, 5, 10, 15, 25 washes to see how they hold up. And we found that single ply ELS Egyptian cotton was optimal. It did not fray or snap like multiple-ply cotton. They also got softer after each wash, so the comfort level did not deteriorate.
  3. Temperature Management – Sleeping Hot is Not Cool
    The next thing we looked at was weaving and that decision came down to heat management. Scientists have long studied what ideal temperature for sleep is. We’ve gotten temperature control in rooms via temperature controlled AC/Heating units. We’ve gotten many new fancy mattresses that promise better heat management and spread through a variety of methods. But people still sleep hot and sweat. The thing that often gets forgotten is the very item they sleep on – their bedsheets.
    We wanted to create breathable bedsheets. What does that mean? This means air can flow through the sheets allowing it to disperse the heat and cool down the body. Sateen weave, though it gives an incredibly soft finish, is absolutely terrible at this. Percale weave, however, could get this done. So, we tested out different combinations of percale weave to maximize breathability and while maintaining softness. This is how we came up with our 300 thread count single ply percale sheets.

And to wrap it we thought about pricing. How can we make this as affordable as possible without compromising the quality? We’ll save that for next time when we discuss our little foray in to the world of retail markup.

Want to grab your pair? We can help a great night's sleep is just a click away!

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In An Industry Filled With High Prices, How Does Slumber Attain Affordability?

In An Industry Filled With High Prices, How Does Slumber Attain Affordability?

As soon as we hear luxury or premium, everyone thinks expensive. They have good reason to. You go to a department store and anything there will start at $300-$450 a set. If you look at the online retailers that promise the world, yet they are all start over $100 and have many hidden fees and surprises in store. We started working on Slumber because we wanted affordable sheets. But to hit that goal, we had to take a deep look in to the factors that contribute to those prices.

  1. Cost of Raw Goods
    This one’s simple right? You get what you pay for when it comes to materials. So we weren’t going to skimp on costs by getting the worst blend of materials. However, there is one neat trick - there are significant savings if you can source raw materials yourself. We work with Fair Trade Accredited producers to get the very best Egyptian Cotton at a great price. Because we can source it, we get to pass the savings to you.
  2. Retail Markup
    Markup to give profit to wholesalers. Markup to make profit for the multiple transporters. Markup to make profit for the store fronts. Markup for using the logo. Markup to make profit for the actual company that made the sheets. Markup to pay for the CEO’s new private jet. Well, you get the point. There are just too many markups involved. All it does is add a ton to the price you would have to pay. At Slumber, we decided we need to slash as much markup as we can. There’s just no way to make something affordable if there are that many things that contribute to the increase of price without adding anything of value to the sheets.
  3. Hidden Fees & Surprises
    There just was too many hidden fees and surprises. Imagine being told your sets are going to one price but by the time you get through checkout the total says quite a lot more. Shipping costs. Extra fees for flat sheets. Fees for different colors. Fees for different hems and borders. There just no end to them. So best way to deal with them is to get rid of them altogether. At Slumber, we’re transparent as can be. No hidden fees. No nasty surprises. We even provide free shipping in the US and discounted shipping elsewhere.
  4. Profit for the Sake of Profit
    And then there are parts of the price that simply put, have no explanation. The only thing we can come up with is that those markups are only for the sake of adding more profit for simple reason that they can. Well we can get rid of that concept altogether too.

At Slumber, we really believe that everyone deserves to get a great nights sleep. We want to make sure you can get the perfect sheets to help you with that. For that reason, we only sell at the price we absolutely have to, not at the price we could make a killing for. Bedding made simple, right?

Ready to get started with your perfect slumber? Lets go,

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Whats So Great About Our Sheets

Whats So Great About Our Sheets


100% Egyptian cotton from Egypt. We get it from quality suppliers and have the cotton tested by 3rd party verification to ensure that we are getting the cotton we want.




Only use single-ply, extra-long staple cotton. This means stronger and perfectly soft cotton.




300 thread count, Percale stitching – the key to making it breathable. This allows air to flow, heat to be spread, and survives the night sweat. Together with the singly-ply Egyptian cotton, this make a great combo: longer lasting sheets that won’t snap or tear after a wash, and that actually get softer over time.





Our sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that an independent body tested and affirmed that there are no harmful substances and chemicals used in any step of our manufacturing process. 

We don't like the idea of harmful chemicals in our sheets. You wouldn't put harmful chemicals in your body right, so why wrap yourself around them?




All our sets come packaged in reusable cotton bags, humidification optimized processing, hypo-allergenic, and softened for comfort.


Ready to try our sheets? Click here to get started.

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