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Non-alcoholic, gentle toremover stains, remover tooth pigments from surface

Suitable for:

- Yellow, blackk and gray teeth caused by smoking, drinking tea, drinking coffee or

Most Popular


Sharon Dobben

I bought this for my husband who has daily migraines from a head injury. This is the first item that has brought him any relief. He wears it and he drifts off to sleep. While it doesn’t cure the migraines it does help him sleep and that alone is a miracle. He has said his pain levels go from a 10 to a 6 or 7 after wearing it. I am very grateful for this product.


You wouldn’t think it was that powerful just looking at it, but this thing has some crazy strong suction! You’ll be amazed how much junk is in your face when you use this! It’s become a part of my weekly skincare routine. Just make sure you read the directions when you first get this.

Debbie Skiles

Don't put the batteries around. On charging, panting and melting. Use better batteries ordinary! The wires for charging are thin very, from heating melt and the body began to melt and hang. Min 30 shook on the charge, did not care and did not think that it could be! Batteries AA 1800 ampere put everything!


Very easy to assemble! This's perfect for workout at home. I so much fun with this hula hoop and I got sweaty the first 5 mins when I tried to get it steady.


I am a very meticulous person about my teeth and this is simply great! Is very easy to use, charge and store! It comes with different heads so you can reach every corner! Also comes with a small mirror Perfect for a better cleaning on the inside of your teeth! Totally recommend it


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