Thank you all for supporting and for sharing our passion for a great night's sleep. We look forward with great anticipation to the day we can all share stories of decking out our beds with Slumber Sheets. Stay tuned!!

Killing the Mark Up, Nailing the Quality

Slumber Sheets makes it easy for anyone to own quality bedding at an unbeatable price. All standard sets under $100.

How do we do it? By getting rid of unnecessary markups, throwing out outrageous hidden fees, and taking the nonsense out of pricing bed sheets. We sell it at a price that helps YOU, not at a price that we could make a killing at.

Not All Cotton is Created Equal

Egyptian cotton has long been hailed the king of cotton. But did you know not all Egyptian cotton is the same?

We use only the finest extra-long staple, pure Egyptian-grown cotton to bring you the best comfort and longevity in your sheets.

Sheets that Breathe

Most people sweat in their sleep, so maintaining temperature and air flow is super important. Our Slumber sheets are the most breathable sheets you’ll find. It’s how we designed them.

We make 300-count single-ply, extra-long staple cotton in Percale weave. What does that mean? This allows air to flow, heat to be spread, and survives the night sweat. Shake off that grimy feel and cozy up to a cool and comfortable night's sleep!

The Best Way to Say Goodnight

Every set comes with our exclusive Lavender Sleep Mist to help you get the best night’s sleep possible and kill bacteria on your pillows and sheets.

All of our Slumber Sheet sets come packaged in reusable cotton bags are chemical-free (Oeko-Tex Certified), optimized for strength, longevity and durability, and are softened for comfort.

We go the extra mile to bring you breathable and crisp, yet light and airy bed sheets at a price that won't have you eating Ramen for dinner for weeks. We're here to bring you the ultimate night's sleep. Stop settling for mediocre sheets and find a better way to say goodnight with Slumber Sheets.


  • Breathable Fiber Technology

     Our sheets are designed and made to give you maximum breathability and comfort.

  • No Massive Markup

    All standard sets are under $100, now and always.

  • Free- Shipping

    Free standard shipping to the continental US.

  • No Surprises

    All Standard Sets come with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and a 2 oz. exclusive Lavender Sleep Mist that helps you sleep and kills bacteria. Pay exactly what you see. That simple.

  • 100% Pure ELS Egyptian cotton

    100% extra-long staple Giza Egyptian cotton - the best.

  • Oeko-Tex Certified

    No harmful chemical treatments.

  • Slumber Sheets in different Color Options.
  • Beautiful slumber 100% Egyptian cotton sheets.
  • Angel folded Slumber Sheets. It's what in the bag.

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