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How do I find my Shopify Order ID?

Go to an order page while logged in and add .json to your URL and you will see the order object and the ID you are looking for.


How do I check my order status on Shopify?

The order status fields are under the Checkout and system tab from the Checkout thank you heading to the Checkout shop policies heading.


How do Shopify Order numbers work?

Shopify order numbers are generated using a sequence. When you first create a brand new store that number starts as 1001. Meaning the first order you create will be created with an order number of #1001. The next order that is created will be #1002 and so on.


What is order status tracking?

Order tracking is a system that allows you to monitor all your online orders and report their status to your customers at any time. This system includes estimated delivery dates, shipment tracking, and frequent updates on an order's location.