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Great Sheets

Great sheets! Already slept on them a couple of nights -- very comfy and cool. Really happy with the quality of stitching, etc.

Really Comfy

Tried them out and washed them like it said, and they were extremely comfy.

Best Percale Sheets

I've tried other percale sheets, and these are definitely the softest.

Great Sheets !!

Feels super lightweight and crisp, a very cool night's sleep for us.

Love those sheets

I've bought their slumber sheets through their IGG campaign.Really fell in love with their sheets the day it arrived at my doorsteps. Just ordered 2 mores sets for my kids.

Really Soft

They fit my fluffy pillowcases (finally!!!). They've been getting softer after every wash and haven't had lots of lint.

Had to break them in.

My sheets came really stiff. Had to give it a wash to break them in. Very smooth afterwords.

Great, A Little Big

Great. The only funny thing is, I do have a much smaller pillow these times; so the pillowcase is funny for me being so big.


Okay readers, I SELL essential oils and this list is just beautiful. It won't disappoint you. It's a lovely lavender scent. Not too much, not too little.

Slumbers are perfect

It is awesome, wonderful feel. Perfect.

Great Sheets.

Sheesh. Great sheets!

Cool. Crisp. Comfortable.

I love the feel of these sheets. Cool. Crisp. Comfortable. Exactly what i wanted, especially since I'm a sweaty sleeper.


I bought these in the summer months as I was tired of feeling overheated and sweaty. Extremely comfortable and kept me cool at night!


They are perfect.

Was Hesitant But Great

These covers are very soft and comfortable. My skin is very sensitive, so that was a major plus.The design is spot on. The buttons make for easy closing and there is something in the corners that seem to keep the comforter in place.Really great duvet covers.

Percale Pillowcases

Really nice.

Nice Sheets

I have been using them for some days, and they feel nicely different. I am not familiar with fabric qualities, or anything of the sorts; but they do feel welcoming to sleep.

Great Upgrade

We got this as part of the plus set. It was well worth it.

Good as the Sheets

These are as good a product as the sheets. My comforter fits snugly and and the buttons make it easy to put on.

Seriously The Best Thing

Okay I'm gonna be honest here, this is literally the best thing about the set and I didn't see that coming.I spend the majority of my day video editing. So this was a godsend. Just shake, spray a little on your pillows and your good to go. It definitely helps me relax and fall asleep.

An Awesome Little Suprise

This was a great little surprise included with the sheets. I love that it is all natural and I don't have to worry about it.

Really Good

The mist is pretty nice.


Many thanks.They are perfect.


Great pillowcases. I use the mist to freshen them up every night.

Great Sheets

We love these sheets, great quality.

Perfect Protection from Pets

We got the Plus Set so it came with one of these. They are just as comfortable as the sheets and are relatively easy to care for. Works great for me since we have a lot of pets and this protects my actually comforter from all that fur.