Our Story



Hi we're Slumber. We are company dedicated to bedding.
We approached bedding with two simple questions: Why on earth is it so expensive and what makes good sheets? Our take away – lots of retail markup that result in high prices while a process of great quality cotton, good production values, breathability, and that crisp, clean feel is what is required for amazing sheets. 
We used our expertise in manufacturing fabrics and development to you bring your Slumber sheets. We have a team of consultants, advisors, contributors, and coworkers who provide insight to everything from design to testing to cost efficiency. Everything we need to accomplish our mission - get everyone the best night's sleep at an affordable price. 
Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, and your bed sheets are a major part of that. Our Slumber sheets were designed with that in mind: here’s great bed sheets at a great price. Simple, right?