Our story:

How did two guys from New York get around to make and sell their own bedsheets?

Picture, two young men living in New York needing to buy bedsheets. They go to the department store and become exasperated. They go online and look mildly entertained, but become super anxious with all the different things that pop up. Everything always comes back to two simple questions: Why on earth is this so expensive and wait, which one of these is actually good?

That’s where Slumber sprouted from. We just wanted quality sheets which had prices that made sense. So we studied the current market and came away with a couple of simple takeaways. One, there is lots of retail markup that result in high prices. Two, there was a lot of confusing jargon, but a mix of great quality cotton, good production values, breathability, and that crisp, clean feel is what is required for amazing sheets. Kill off the retail markup and nail the quality – boom excellent Slumber Sheets.

We're bringing everyone Egyptian cotton (yes, as in the one that is actually grown in Egypt) percale sheets at an amazing price – all under $100, free shipping included. Yea that's right, not the $300 on sale at the department store, nor the tricky "how the heck did it get to this price" you see at other sites, everything under $100. 

It’s really that simple. Make great sheets and then sell them at the price they have to be sold at, not the price they could be pushed at. Our core belief is that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Our Slumber sheets were designed with that in mind, here’s great bedsheets at a great price. Simple, right?