Hi we're Slumber. We are a company that started by selling: bedsheets. I know what you’re thinking, "another bedsheet company, what is so different about them?" 

Well you're partially right that there are a lot of bedsheet companies out there, but there are key differences. 

We approached bedding with two simple questions: Why on earth is it so expensive and what makes good sheets? Our take away – lots of retail markup that result in high prices while a process of great quality cotton, good production values, breathability, and that crisp, clean feel is what is required for amazing sheets.

We're selling breathable, Egyptian cotton (yes, as in the one that is actually grown in Egypt) percale sheets at an amazing price, shipping included*. Yea that's right, not the $300 on sale at the department store, nor the tricky "how the heck did it get to $350" you see at other high end retailers. 

Kill off the retail markup and nail the quality – boom, we’ve got a winning formula. Lets revolutionize bedding, one product at a time.

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, and your bedsheets are a major part of that. That’s the idea that Slumber sprung out from. The number one reason that people do not invest in their bedding is price, followed by jargon confusion. Our Slumber sheets were designed with that in mind: here’s great bedsheets at a great price. Now that defines everything that we curate and sell. Simple, right?