WE're serious about your sleep

35% of Americans don't get proper sleep 
We've got something to help:
Meet Our All-Natural Handmade Sleep Mist

Sleep better, Sleep cleaner

Superior single-ply vs weaker multiple-ply yarn

All-Natural, All Wonderful

Seriously, What doesn't our Sleep Mist do to make your slumber better? 

And its all natural and safe, both for you and you loved ones. 

Super Relaxing - Scientifically Proven

Lavender oil is a natural and proven sleep aid. Its a relaxing, calming, and soothing. Perfect to help you fall into your slumber for the night.


Short Staple Cotton vs Long Staple Cotton
Slumber Weave vs The Competition

No Bacteria Allowed

Our mist doesn't just try to make you feel better, it makes your sheets and pillowcases feel a lot better too.

Its anti-bacterial properties will kill off bacteria that grow especially on your pillowcases between washes.

Made Fresh & in the USA

Our mists are made in small batches and are made right here in the USA.


Short Staple Cotton vs Long Staple Cotton


Look at what users of our Sleep Mist are saying about their Mist.

I love that it is all natural and I don't have to worry about it. 


JChiwa W.,
Brooklyn, New York

Okay readers, I SELL essential oils and this list is just beautiful. It won't disappoint you. It's a lovely lavender scent. Not too much, not too little.


Minn, Minnesota

Okay I'm gonna be honest here, this is literally the best thing about the set and I didn't see that coming. I spend the majority of my day video editing. So this was a godsend. Just shake, spray a little on your pillows and your good to go. It definitely helps me relax and fall asleep. 


Andrew W.,
Astoria, New York