its about the quality of the thread
NOt the thread count

Don't fall for the trick of overspending for absurdly high thread counts

Pay attention to what really matters

Superior single-ply vs weaker multiple-ply yarn

Don't fall for the LIE, 1000 is not better than 300

Ever wonder how hey get those large thread count numbers?
After all, there is only so much space in 1 sq. in.

Its by using multiple-ply yarn. 2-ply, 3-ply and 4-ply yarn is a lot weaker & less durable, being made with cheaper and weaker threads that are twisted together. But it allows them to advertise larger thread counts to sound better.  

Quality Means Using the Best Cotton in the World

At Slumber, we only use Extra-long Staple Egyptian cotton to make our sheets. This is the king of cotton. Extremely fine fiber with fewer ends exposed = much better yarn (+higher costs for us).  

Longer fibers drastically reduce chances of snagging and tearing, resulting in stronger sheets. Which means better sheets for you.


Short Staple Cotton vs Long Staple Cotton
Slumber Weave vs The Competition

The Weave Matters

Our Optimized Percale Stitching – the key to making our sheets truly breathable. This allows air to flow, heat to be spread, and survives the night sweat.

The bottom line: longer lasting sheets that won’t snap or tear after a wash, and that actually get softer after each wash.


Don't just take our word for it. See what users like Thomas, Andrew and Paul are saying about their Slumber Sheets.

They arrived last week and we are using the first one, it is awesome, wonderful feel. Slumbers are perfect.


Thomas A.,
Newfoundland, Germany 

I love the feel of these sheets. Cool. Crisp. Comfortable. Exactly what I  wanted, especially since I'm a sweaty sleeper.


Andrew W.,
Astoria, New York 

Great sheets! Already slept on them a couple of nights -- very comfy and cool. Really happy with the quality of stitching, etc.


Paul M.,
Newfoundland, Canada