Starters Guide


You’ve got your brand new set of sheets. Now you want to get the perfect slumber. But where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here’s some tried and tested tips & tricks from our team to get the most of your new Slumber Sheets and keep them in good shape for a long, long time. Lets get Slumbering.



Step One - Break Them In

Our classic sheets are naturally crisp, but sometimes it can be a bit too stiff. This is caused both by the percale weave and the fact that we don’t use artificial softeners.

So, we recommend breaking them in with a quick wash. For best results, line dry.


Step Two - Put Them On

Go ahead put them on. The style is entirely up to you. Though we have labels on the fitted sheet to help you figure out sides.

We recommend changing or washing sheets every 2 weeks or so. Worry our sheets get softer after each wash so no need to worry.

Step Three - Use the Mist

Spray away. Really, it’s simple. Use it to freshen up the sheets and let the essential oils do their magic.

It’s amazing according to the reviews. (and our noses)

Step Four - Storage

Store sheets clean and in a breathable environment. We recommend using the reusable Slumber drawstring cotton bag to store your sheets and accessories.

Step Five - Add a Spare

Having extra sheets has a bunch of advantages. You can rotate sheets to ease the laundry. You can mix and match to be creative. You can have the emergency backup.

Having a spare has its uses.