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Our Sheets

How We Built the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets


We only use one the finest (literally), extra-long staple (ELS), Certified Egyptian Cotton in the world to make our sheets.

This lets us spin softer yarn with fewer exposed ends, and reduced snagging and pulling.

The end result? An fabric that's cloud-like comfortable and incredibly durable.


The Perfect Optimized Weave = Strength and Breathability

Slumber sheets are woven with our tested and optimized Percale weave. That breathability allows your body heat to flow freely through, instead of being trapped by oppressive, double-layered weaving or bulky uneven weaving. And that strength means that your sheets wont fall apart after a wash.

Killing the Mark Up, Nailing the Quality

We really mean it when we say "No Markups, No Middlemen, No BS" We want to make the best sheets in the world for you and charge you only what we have to.

Because, lets face it, who wants to pay extra no good reason? So we're not charging you any fees for middlemen, CEO's private jets, standard shipping, silk slippers and other such nonsense.

We get the cotton, get to the factory, get the sheets ready to ship and send them to you. All at a fraction of the price. Bedding made simple, right?