What makes our sheets so good and so unique? We're glad you asked actually. We spent neigh many a months working out every step of our sheets. We wanted to be absolutely sure that we were going to make the best sheets out there, so we started from the raw materials and worked our way up to the finished product to finish it up.  


The Perfect Cotton for the Occasion:

Certified Extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton.

We only use extra-long staple, certified Egyptian cotton for our sheets. This is cream of the crop cotton that has extremely long fibers. 

The longer the staple, the better the yarn it can produce and the better the quality of the fabric. The end result being cloud-like comfort and incredible durability - perfect to support you in your sleeping endeavors. 


Single Ply Goodness:

Single ply versus multiple ply - it makes a huge difference

Long, fine strong threads is the name of the game.

Single ply yarn uses a long fiber (or in our case, very long fiber) to make the yarn. This results in results in extremely light, strong, and soft yarn. Perfect for sheets.

Multi-ply yarn uses multiple short fibers which are twisted together to form yarn. This tends to be much more coarse, rough and tends to snap and fray all the time.  


Super Fine Yarn Thread:

Super fine yarn for smooth, light, comfortable sheets.

We use only high count yarn threads - which produces a finer, smoother, softer and lighter fabric.

A simple way to understand why this is important is by comparing the feeling and texture of denim jeans fabric with the feeling and texture of a pair of fine suit pants - their feel completely different. Wouldn't you rather have the fine, smooth, light feeling instead of the rough scratchy feeling on your bed?


Our Optimized Weave:

Our perfect percale weave for true comfort, breathability and strength.

Slumber sheets are woven with our tested and optimized Percale weave, seriously we spent a lot of time on the specifics of this.

Our percale weave allows the sheets to be light and breathable. Which allows your body heat to flow freely through, instead of being trapped by oppressive, double-layered weaving or bulky uneven weaving. And that strength means that your sheets wont fall apart after a wash.

A crisp, cool, and soft sheet that will last a long time. 


Our No-Harsh-Chemicals Promise:


Okeo-Tex Certified. No Harsh Chemicals. Better for you, better for the environment.

Slumber sheets are Okeo-tex certified and we went the extra mile to ensure that there were no harsh chemicals used in making our sheets.

This means you can rest at ease about spending all that time on your sheets and have less reasons to worry about chemical irritants, especially for the little ones. 


A word about thread-count:

Okay we know that the department stores love to push the idea of the all-powerful thread count when you're buying sheets. After all, who doesn't like a super simple number to use as the end-all, be-all indicator of quality?

Well unfortunately, thread count is an extremely misleading stat to use. Thread count is supposed to count how many threads are in one square inch. The serious flaw in this is that there's only so many yarn threads you can fit into 1 square inch and a lot of ways to increase thread count number. So when you see products with thread counts over 350, they are often very misleading. In most cases, this means that there is multiple-ply thread that are being counted for each ply, ei that 750 TC sheet is likely to only be 250 three-ply threads that counts thats being counted 3 times over. 

As we mentioned before, there are serious drawbacks to using multi-ply yarn for sheets. So we don't engage in this marketing lingo. If you must know, our sheets are 300 TC, which means there are 300 threads and 300 yarns per square inch. 

Trust us, 300 gave our sheets the perfect balance of comfort, breathability, and strength. Or better yet, give our sheets a try and judge for yourself.