Egyptian cotton is long regarded as the best cotton in the world. The Egyptian climate and the Nile River work to produce really soft, fine extra-long staple cotton unlike anywhere else in the world. Other options are cheaper, but definatley don't feel as good.

It means we only use 100% real Egyptian cotton that is responsibly sourced and is dna tested and certified by the Cotton Egypt Association.

Thread count actually isn't the best way to measure the quality of your sheets – in fact, it’s a marketing term from the 50’s. There is no real standardized procedure to measure it as well, some companies will talk about the number of yarn and other will talk about the number of threads in an square inch. We put our sheet construction through a variety of test to find the optimal combination for your sleep. We found that 300 single-ply threads work the best and so our sheets are 300 thread count.We put our sheet construction through a variety of test to find the optimal combination for your sleep. We found that 300 single-ply threads work the best and so our sheets are 300 thread count.

Our sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that they were found free of harmful substances and chemicals for every step of the process.

We don't use artificial wrinkle-free chemicals in our sheets. We use 100% real cotton, so it will naturally wrinkle. Good news though: a little bit of steam and an hot iron can go a long ways to taking care of any wrinkles.

You bet! We make it a point. We use recycled polybag mailers and kraft boxes to ship you your sheets. All of our packaging materials are recylcable or reusable.

Our Fitted Sheets are designed to fit mattresses up to 16" deep. For more information, please check out the sizing charts to help see if it will fit your mattress.

Percale is a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave that results in a matte finish with a cool, crisp feel. It results in a very breathable and durable sheet while maximizing the softness of the materials used. This allows our sheets to get softer over time, while lasting a long time and helping regular body temp.

Our cotton is sourced from certified and responsibly run farms in Egypt. Our sheets are manufactured by world class and award winning manufacturers in Bangladesh.The sleep mists are handmade here in the US.

Our sleep mists are hand-made here in the US. We only use the finest all-natural ingredients & make them in small batches.


Put your fitted sheet on (dont worry, we labeled the sides). and now customize to your desire. spray some mist and get comfy and sleeping.

For optimal comfort, machine wash in warm water with a gentle cycle. To whiten sheet, use non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low or dry on a line to minimize wrinkling. Optionally steam iron the sheets on medium heat. (We actually reccommend this)

Yes it is. Not everyone has time to wash by hand.

Well no, its not exactly food. But we recommend getting new sheets when your old ones start wearing out or if you need new colors.


About 3-8 days after you get shipping confirmation. Based on Shipping speed you selected.

Any where to the world really. We have coverage to over 200 countries and regions.

We offer free shipping in the continental US. And heavily discounted shipping to the rest of the world.

International customers may have to pay duties, depending on your country's laws. The shipping carrier will get in touch with you if that is the case. In the US, sales tax is applied based on your address.


If you received your product and you aren't satisfied, you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days, less shipping & handling fees. Send us an email at help@getslumber.com to get started. Please read here for more information [link].

For exchanges, we prefer to just do returns and allow you to place a new order. But depending on your case, we’ll let you know the best way for us to handle it.

We provide a limited 3 years warranty on all of our sheets. If your sheets ever pill, rip, or fray, get in touch, we'll help get it resolved.

We'll send you an order confirmations as soon as you buy and a shipping confirmation with tracking number as soon as your order is ready to ship.

Contact support at help@getslumber.com.